Raging Mortals and The GDPR

The GDPR only effects users from Europe.

What Personal Data We Collect On You

The only bits of personal information we collect is:1. your email address on
registration 2. your public facing IP address.

How Our Data Is Stored

Your data is stored behind mutliple layers of security, both hardware (at
our datacentre) and software (installed on the server).

How Your Data Is Used

Your email address is used to complete your registration, if we need to
contact you we will contact you via the email address specified. You
will also need to register an email address to reset your account

Your IP address is used to see if you are cheating, it also allows us to
note what country our users are playing from.

Do We Share Your Data

We dont share your data with any external company or service, this inlcudes
services like Google Analytics. We also don't sell your data, when
using our website your data stays with us!

By continuing to use our website you agree to our GDPR policy and our Terms
of conditions

If you dont want us to store your data, please dont register an account, if
you have already registred an account then you need to email
RM@ragingmortals.com from the email address you used to register with.
You need to state that you would like your personal data to be removed.

Our Coookie Policy

Cookies play an important part on most websites, they get stored locally on
your computer and in our case are used for checking to see if you
are logged in still.