Raging Mortals

Raging Mortals is a free multiplayer text based browser game set in the not so distant future, signup and play with your friends or other people right now

When you signup you'll be able to pick your character and jump straight in. Earn money, fight other players, earn respect, make friends, invest, race, work, shop and much more!

This game is safe for all ages and developed to be family friendly

Raging Mortals - Text Based Browser Game

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Raging Mortals

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About The Game

Raging Mortals is a virtual online city based in the not so distant future. Have you got what it takes to survive in a city like this? Work your way up the ranks, race cars, train animals, fight other players and much much more!

Main features:
  • Buy items
  • Buy vehicles
  • Upgrade vehicles
  • Buy Properties
  • Fight other players
  • Race other players
  • Train
  • Go to school
  • Go to work
  • Advance with levels
  • and alot more